Dear Sunday

Currently lying on my bed, with my laptop,in front of me, and my guitar at the side of my bed.

Suppose to go for interview today but decided not and anyway won’t be working anymore. Parents doesn’t allows it.

Oh well. Means that it’s a lil further for me to get my guitar  that soon. But free. So it’s a balance?

Had been rotting in my room, in front of my laptop, the whole day! Totally waste the Sunday on doing nothing.Should have gone some where,outdoors, for a nice walk or something. Maybe if there’s a chance coming by, a trial on the guitar I would like to have? HAHA!

Had been reading on the apparels and everything on a certain website. Totally blew my head off cause the prices is considered reasonable for it^^ Shall get it for myself by the end of the year at least 1 item from the website HAHA!




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