Bluesy Nostalgic Monday

Oh man.This Monday,2nd August 2010. The Bluest! Monday I ever had in 2010 so far. Kinda really think that it was a blue blue due to several reasons:

1) Didn’t had enough rest after yesterday’s madness at Sentosa.

2)The weather this morning wasn’t that beautiful to be cheerful

3) and the usual slogan,” OSIM!”

Totally not in the mood of doing anything and the lack of quality rest was the total trigger to my awful-inner-bad-temper-me. Good thing that there isn’t any bad issues for me to let the bad temper blew out. Shall be good tonight and on my air-con tonight although the weather tonight is chilly.

On a side note, I guessed that although I managed to pull myself away from all the camping stuffs, I don’t think I would be that free either.Hmmm.

The drop of bluesy monday sure adds tons of sparks to the though to bloghop and read my archives of my own blogs. Oh btw, that has been my hobby(: Archives are always the best memorybank.

Good ones.Awful ones. Happy ones.Devastated ones. Post that you sweared over certain issues. The silly mistakes that accompanies with tears and maybe laughters? For me, they are the words that accompanies with much flashback scenes while I read them. In any case, I still love em all. I kinda miss my classmates and all the nonsense we had throughout the 3 years. I can’t wait to leave the god forsaken place named Temasek Polytechnic but I can’t bear to leave my classmates,friends and even our teachers in TP. 

Off watching Vampire Suck




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