Suntec Sunday

Head to Suntec for some job issues. Would really be frustrated if technology fails you when you are in a rush. Wont’t be late in the first place however, the copier at home LAGS till I gotta  cab down and still be late. TSK!

Met up with the rest and heard about all the details for job. Can’t wait to strive hard and all with you guys! Went to service the guitar and manage to get some tips on the guitar I am eyeing for! AWESOME!  Looking at the market rates of many guitars and all seriously is making going crazy.Was at the Suntec area the whole day,meeting for work things and followed by meetup with sister and cousin. Awesomely stupid and all in starbucks. Up at facebook(:

Anyway, C.N Blue had been my recent band of the month so far. Very good consider for a newly debut band this year. The fans were shouting too much while the vocalist,Yonghwa, is singing. Anyway~ Enjoy the performance.

Daebak readers!^




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