Boring Saturday feat Falling Slowly

“What A Borringggg Saturdayyy todayyy!”

It has been one of the most most boring day after the SARS period in my life I would say. Seriously I did nothing much but staring into space the whole day till late evening till I get to touch my laptop. What to do? When sister’s computer spoilt and she gotta use it for her work in JC.*yawns -.-zzz*

Kinda disappointed this morning when I heard that I wasn’t able to attend Keith(aka Pudding)’s First Birthday in his life… When Mum told me this, I kinda got a shock cause he’s afterall,MY YOUNGEST COUSIN! Ohwell! Enjoy your first birthday alright! Totally not in mood to rot but had to, totally not in any mood to shop and all but got dragged out to Bugis. Dated,in a sense, with the 2 ladies in my household for the afternoon and got a free and full yet a lil disappointed Fish and chips for dinner^^ REALLY FULL! No jokes for that.

Off to listen to some Mraz for the night~With some other acoustic pieces^^




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