Torturous Wednesday

Alright CheckPoint of the Week.Shall do some target checks.

  1. Resting Well?
  2. MP going smoothly?
  3. Feeling great so far?
  4. Looking foward to PR2?
  5. Looking forward to the Weekend Train Getaway?

Alright! So far I am only looking forward to one thing which is the weekends. Seriously got screwed badly today by Major Project. How would you feel when things aren’t working in the first place, it got worse when you attempt to improve it;while fighting with the demon name Hunger?

Vulgarities flew around in the DU after Official hours,which meant OVER TIME. It pissed me off.Real much. I seriously appreciate examinations compared to long-term projects. They are really a pain in the BUTT! BUT! The stress we gonna face with exams aren’t light either. Ironic,I know.

When the weather,the hunger and anger got into one all at once is real bad enough, you haven’t got all yet. Reached home with more drama acting up and I scolded her. Felt bad cause thinking much in her shoes while I shoot out my words. However, my stand is still the same. Doesn’t mean that one’s stress means that you had the authority to raise your voice and throw your temper on others.

Conclusion for today, 3 letters that I hate to use it.





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