Total awesome Friday that helps to celebrate the joyous mood of going on a train getaway at 5:30AM!

The release  of the Teaser seriously is MIND-BLOWING! I don’t care whether am I going to be scold as a crazy fanboy of SNSD or not cause I only watched the teaser thrice. The whole day was just slack I can say. Can’t get myself to start working for today. Got my mind onto the set of words I finally inked   typed out on my blogger side. Language is seriously something that needs to be polished and practiced everyday. Keen on reading? Ask me for link.

Went for C.N Blue’s autograph session in the evening. They are great people. Looks and talent. Sometimes I do wonder is the world fair, cause they are too awesome. Oh well. Practice makes perfect and I think I would be able to succeed in what I put mind into uh? Off to sleep. 4.5hrs of sleep is seriously going to kill me today.

Annyeongs and enjoy the weekend Readers




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