3/4 of year To-Do list Stock take.

Thought that it is only fair enough that I update this space with words again. Sorry Readers. I had been facing mooncakes so I coudn’t a lot of things that I really desired to. Guitar had beeen overly underused. I am so sorry my darling guitar that I neglected you so much. As usual, work has been stupid I guess. Minimum pay. However! The company there, the aunties(Godmonthers and Godgrandmonther) and the jokes we have there are of totally awesome level. I would miss them after my work with them on Wednesday,I guess.

Finished K-On Season 2. Graduation. Sighs. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I would really REALLY! miss my classmates alot. The nonsense, the quarrels, the laughter, the tears and everything.

How I wish I wouldn’t graduate.At times. Although we would still be able to meet up after graduation, it seriously sinks my heart to the abyss at times when I thought of graduation. Not only the seperation, a bigger responsibility starts to lands on you. Had lunch with Godma Catherine and was talking about overseas studies and such. To leave this little red dot. To pursue my passion. I know I couldn’t and I guess I could only pin my hope at the later age, or maybe my son or daughters next time. Goals I set for myself this year, comes to think of it I had completed half of them! Shall carry on pushing myself of the limits so that I could accomplish them,AT LEAST!


1. To save up and have cash ready for next year graduation trip and hopefully,S.Korea trip*fingers crossed!*

2. To get better with my Rally.She’s neglected by me.

3. Stay happy and healthy.

Goal no.3 goes to all Readers!

Off to sleep already. Nights!




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