An Update before Work commences again.

A few days breaks totally ruined my momentum to work. Serious. Good times really flies by.

Oh well. Gotta reset my mentality and body for work tomorrow. Is in the evening so shouldn’t be that much of a problem. At least not for the part that I need to wake up early in the morning(:

A week almost gone so far, haven’t been doing much but just spending.The whole house is on a shopping spree! Awesome! And now even my mum got an iPhone4. How awesome is that?! KBox last night was suicidal cause tried many killer songs along the way. Oh ya! Had my teeth washed clean and the hole covered. Totally impromptu. Finished the nice torture and headed down to Plaza Sing to watch Resident Evil.

I gonna say this a thousand times but I still gonna say! Milla Jovovich IS DAMN! HOT! PRETTY! COLD!

I can only say that this week is an enjoyable one. No work since Monday.

The whole thing is just a lesson to me. To let me know how the society is so rotten inside when it looks damn good on the outside. To let me know how to be real flexible and not to be at disadvantage in the future anymore.

Gotta go off now!




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