Guess much this is the first post I made for October. Working had been eating lot of my time cause to enjoy my personal time, I sleep late and wake up late every-d-a-y.*sync-ing with Just The Way You Are*

Dad spurred me on my journey a little. Guess much he’s complaining I had been contemplating and wasting time too much on the guitar and want be to focus or proper chords,techniques,solos. Practically focus my effort to practice. Probably he’s tired of the nonsense I had been playing so far. Alright DaD! I shall keep to the promise we made! Serious:D Of course! Not to forgo about schoolwork also(:

Guess much I start to listen to English songs a bit more but not as much as my Kpop crazy playlist though. Gotta brush up on all theories and techniques that’s bothering my progress in class! Go for it J! GOGOGO!

Daebak^^ Pursue your goals Readers!




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