Tiring Day

It’s 2:49am in the middle of the night. Current location: BUNK! You’re right. In school having camp with the err… new people and old people I would say. It’s kinda new and refresh now attending camp. Never had this kind of feeling for quite a long period of time already. Probably because I had not been going for much camps ever since April Orientation. Feel a lil culture shock.

The morning recee drained me. Off all my energy I had for the day, not to say that I had a camp that ends on Wednesday. Good luck man J. Once in a while, I think such camp is awesome. Enjoy the late night supper due to the late  night bathing session with department and also the main reason is the debrief session. Tired I would say. The fun is definitely there. Oh well. I wouldn’t be spending much time in TP Engine school too, must make full use of it by going camps once in a while and do the things I would always want to.

Waiting for my McChicken that’s taking its own sweet time flying to the bunk. Off I go now.

Sleep well and rock on hard Readers and campers!





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