Seriously I had no idea why I actually typed out the several paragraphs in this blog instead on the other one. Oh well~ It doesn’t really matters anyway. Disappointment has been a bugger in 19 years of my life.Big and small. Small one that I had today but still It does affect me as a whole for the past 10 plus months. Minor accomplishments only I say.

Haiya why always like this arh~ Why arh~ and then all the silly things would flow and surface out. Supposely were to write something about Envy but it turned out to be something else cause I don’t think it fits back the title. I can’t think of any title yet so if You think that your name is suitable to be placed on my Title of this post, comment on the post(:

Is 2 am already and I gotta wake up early tomorrow. G.G! 

Everytime you walk by,
You gave me butterflies.
Everytime I finds it out,
is normally a lil late.

When I know I shouldn’t be typing this,
I still type it out.
Knowing that You would read it,
I still type it out.

Congatulations to be with him,
stay happy and smile to him.
Wave at me when you still see me,
cause it sure would make a diff.
Drop the idea of carry on,
look forward and keep move on
cause time will not hold on

You’re the beautiful rose with lots of thorns,
hold you up and my skin got torn.
I know what’s going on
but I would still want to seek for more.

I think for now I put it as Envy first. If you thought of a better name! TELL ME!(: Night readers(:




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