Had been going for guitar lessons for quite some time. Think that I haven’t been progressing much.  Can’t let this carry on,seriously! After MP judging, it means serious long practicing and jamming,hopefully. *laughing in excitement*

Kinda into local music bands recently ever since I joined Timbre Music Academy. A school with instructors that do Live gigging! Awesome much. Seriously, I blogged about this before and I going to do it again,maybe a bit ambitious than before to spur me on for it, I want to go on the stage of Timbre to perform! With my classmates or instructors’ band or something! I really looking forward to that day evening to come! Meanwhile, I had been listening to the several bands from Timbre. Namely, Goodfellas and 53A(: These 2 are my favourite bands in Singapore Music industry. Serious.

Awesome isn’t it? Up next is 53A. The lead vocals looks and sounds superb! Everytime I see her, I would…*shy*

What do you want from meee~

I can’t want much more but maybe to attend your sessions in the future?  Alright maybe a last one with vocals from the 2 bands I recommended performing together?

I just love their covers. Nothing much to say about cause they are really brillant singers. I love Chinese Pop, K-Pop,English bands and definitely not to forget, S-Pop!

Alright, rather long post for the week I guess! Gotta go now(:

Take care and sleep well in this chilly night!

*Oh ya! And there’s no intention of publcising for TMA or anything cause I am not paid for it.




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