Alright. I think is really long since I had a proper update. Basically my life recently has been rather. . . packed.

Yup. Packed. Packed with school academic stuffs. MP Judging. Quizes. Projects. Reports. All of these are burning my nice weekends away, not to say to have the time to spend with my Rally or out to watch a movie. Pretty sad life uh?

Oh well. It’s the last semester of my Polytechnic life. Nothing else would be more important than the grades this semester. Really wished that I would score well in this Sem. At least. Really score well in this semester. Nothing else is more important already I guess.

Oh and did I mention that my life’s been quite a mess right now? Situations I never met before and I really don’t know how to answer. sigh. maybe it would be resolved sooner or later. whatever.

Oh! AND I DREAMT OF TAEYEON LAST NIGHTTT! OMGGG! IT’S SURREAL^^ Just that when it turn out to be a dream, is just disappointing. ugh.





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