Dedicate this post to L.I.F.E

Ever since Friday, I enjoyed myself to the fullest I would  say. The nicest, most emotional and awesome chalet that I ever had. I would say that I joined L.I.F.E at first because of the committee but then to help Yongqiang. However, i realize when I stepped in for the first meeting, I know, GG. You guys are the first committee members that I feel like family. Really.

Going through all the meaningful events together. Going through some hardships together. I really appreciate the love that each member is giving to each other. My first event when I joined LIFE,Book Donation Drive 2010. Although I am totally clueless on how to do,honestly. You guys gave me helping hands during the event itself. Helping me out in every little thing and every way. Really touched. Subsequent events, we would all just helped each other. I felt appreciated and as much as the joy everyone of us enjoyed.

This 3days 2 nights chalet had been most entertaining, crazy, emotional and awesome one I had for my past 19-going-20 years.  The first evening when we checked in and went hell like crazy and all! AWESOME! the flip is totally unexpected.serious. not to say the kick that landed on my head that almost send me into concussion. The mini game session that turned out to be a very hilarious drinking session. Also the findings of my 4 daughters! Jovy,Jiexin,Fiona and Shanice(: BBQ night had been awesome although emotional. However, the session brings all of us even closer to each other.

I can see support and I can see the care we gave each other. The hugs. The comforting words. The shoulders we gave each other. what to say, you guys are just so awesome. I really like the part where by my daughters cover one another with their own’s jacket cause of the aircon in the room is real cold. Like what Brandon had said, LIFE=FAMILY=LOVE!

Today’s sign off will be a lil different. Readers, get enough sleep alright! Rest well(:


Love Life<3



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