HOHOHO! my first lou hei session with LIFE<3

Totally awesome! The family,the love and everything! Share The Loveeeee<3 CNY is really round the corner but I can’t feel the mood yet.Probably because of all the projects and quizzes on hand. Let’s all work hard together! For all the obstacles that will come! Days in TP are on countdown already. Graduation is REALLY REALLY round the corner and I do feel the ache and I don’t want to leave the people,life and everything here. Is too difficult for me to find back a family like this.

As always, there’s no other place like home. Yeah. Same for the people too. I would miss K-akis, Gummybears<3 and people from Engine.Enough of such nonsense talks. Shall get ready for tomorrow and all. Probably wouldn’t post till CNY over  so now, HAPPY Chinese New Year:D


Take care Readers!





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