Haven’t been posting public posts for quite sometime. Oh well. Had meeting for the IWFDD with LIFE<3 just now at Shan You Counselling centre. Seriously things will just get very interesting. Working for the community and definitely to push myself to a new limit is always making me pumped up for lots of things.

And met up with the K-akis and Yingqi and shifu for dinner. Seriously is kinda expected but still managed to be surprised by you all. Thanks for the wonderful evening spent together. Sorry that I was late and didn’t manage to spend more time with you guys but yea, you people are one the very close people that I am with. OH! and thanks a lot for the sunflower! No wonder girls likes to receive flowers. Never thought that I would have the chance to receive them cause am always the one giving the flower. Oh well, things changed a bit. For today at least.

I enjoyed myself today. Thanks for everything!




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