Lady A. lighten up my mood.

Today is the day that TP pass her judgement on me. Oh well. Face it,shit or hit. Live with it.

Things were all kinda blue for the whole day till I thought I got color blind that what I can see is only blue. Music is really the best therapy ever. Mini Jamming session with Wyman and Royston was rather nice just now. More of such should be done! Oh yea! 2 months alright! 2 months!!!

Reached home after the super-oily-unhealthy KFC meal just now. Thought of starting it but decided that today has been tiring and rather bluesy. Lady A.’s music. I have been looking for a band to really follow on for the genre. Blues are rather queer for me. No offense to Blues fans! I do appreciate some of them too! And my library got real lot of  blues music. Country music gave me a warmth sense of support and motivation. Probably that’s why I’m kinda hook onto Lady A. Orianthi is another guitar heroine that I really adores really much cause she’s good? Simple as that.

Before I forget! Happy Birthday Wyman boy! Happy 20th already. New checkpoint in life. Don’t worry(: I’ll join on Sunday(:

Yesterday was a nice evening spent with Mabel.Siang Phong, Terence and Jing Xin! Oh man as usual! Still the weirdest but one of the best combinations I had so far? More information for you all when things are more stable and stuffs alright? And really REALLY! Sorry for leaving earlier because of another session that clashes with ours. Let’s meet up real soon again! I believe we would,real soon. I enjoyed dinner,drinks and all that chit chats we have. Hmm probably the next hot topic to be somebody else? More photos with proper camera okay?


Rather long post tonight with the recent updates. Probably that’s for now. 2months.


Holidays are to be occupied with happy and fulfilling moments! Stay happy! Stay healthy readers! Enjoy yourselves during the break! You all deserve it,regardless of one week,one month or many months.





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