Alright haven’t been really posting up much since March. Shall give it an update then.

Went through my last MTC as a Diploma Head again, for the very last time. Mixed feelings I would say.

Anticipation for MTC, honestly, wasn’t really high at the first place. Much things were undone. Much planning were still out of hand and not in grasp. Can actually say, not ready for it. As the saying goes,” A camp is what you make it out to be”, main committees and my subcomms(: make my last camp a really wonderful one!

3 days of lack of sleep and the last night to turn out even as our Operation night with the Subcomms are seriously awesome. I don’t know what to say so just,ya awesome. Supports by my fellow heads, really thank you guys a lot. Without you guys, I alone no matter how good or experience or even “zai” , I can’t do much and definitely not able to execute out without my subcomms! You all are great!

I can’t really write out very nice letters *oops* but oh well, I will still try to express out my gratitude and appreciation through my actions. Hmm. Reason being, although I can do out very nice expressions but I just can’t write things out well. Last time yes but not anymore already. But yeah, I believe the simplest expressions would carry the most simplest yet straight to the point feeling.

Thanks Guy. Thanks for making my last part of TP life such a wonderful one.




One response

  1. Upgrade le wor! An alumni now! X)

    May 12, 2011 at 2:54 pm

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