Time to update

Alright. Tons happened during this period of time since February. Okay.

Shouldn’t touch on it too much. Summary of it is I been through the cloud nines and fall into the deepest abyss. Still trying to surface from it but yeah, is real lot better now.

Facilitating students for their leadership workshop seriously is one of my favorite tasks to do! OMG. Although I am not really a great leader myself but being a mentor still within my limits. Oh well. Schools I facilitated were Zhenghua Sec, Outram Sec, Northbrooks Sec and Woodgrove Sec. Hmm. All are either the west or the north! My goodness! Okay that’s not the main point though. It’s really nice to see how they trying their best to gain as much as they could when they are given tasks to complete.Good job students(: If you get to read this post, yeah. this paragraph is for you(:

Oh and I had ended my guitar class prematurely. Reason being: Is really demoralizing when I go to classes with 2 better players and things just rub it off on me when instructor gave me a good scoldings on why I still don’t know this and that. okay. fair enough. I should know my basics but yeah. I would join back when I find back the feeling. For electric or Strum and Sing.

Just came back from Genting highlands. Alright guess much is an annual visit there since 2009 I guess? At least once a year. Hmm. different company with different entertainment searched for makes every trip a lil different from one another. I tried Space shot. 3 letters. O.M.G! I thought my heart is gonna stop.literally! Enjoyed mocha frappe alone with the chilly weather is (Y) and definitely the live band that made of all us crazy! Oh the band is really awesome! Serious. Enjoying myself too much that it seems that I am rounder each day, which is not a good thing. Gotta work out more!

Posting some of the photos soon on facebook and hopefully here!

Readers! Take care and thanks for still paying a lil attention to this small space here and the happenings in my life(:




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