Had been working in school since about 3 weeks ago. Oh well, things are rather fine I would say.

Ironically sometimes I dont wish to work in school. Not because of the supervisor but rather the familiar faces that doesn’t allow me to push my limits. Also, the feeling of facing whatever I thought I had left behind.

Seriously, I never believe in things that are ain’t true but I am knowing it,through the hard way, reluctantly. I’m not too sure is this a biggest joke on earth that had happened to me or is it just that whenever I think of it, things just happen.

I manage to find it after so long, received messages of meetups and not too sure what’s next. Rather much chances to get to face it but i thought of running away.


Maybe a lil bit I guess. Is in me. I seriously don’t understand why of all things I had difficulties here. And just only while I am typing this particular entry, I received mails from my closest people. I had enough of jokes and pranks upon my life. My heart couldn’t take much impact so spare me. I don’t have a religion so whoever is up there having fun playing a prank on me, kindly change your target cause I had enough.

Honestly, i had tried to go out with the female friends around me for lunch or whatsoever, but it seriously has no sparks of any romance or crap. Kinda true uh. Laughter’s not the best medicine but rather the best disguise at times.

Oh well. Enough rants. Recently,I’m just to lazy to care about whats going around me. Self-isolation can be good at times too. And thank you this reader that has been bother to pop by to read my silly entries although I didn’t even update this space a single letter. Thank youu(:




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