Drop by for a post

Now Playing: 红豆

Countdown: 8 Days.

Just like what’s mentioned on my title, decide to be back for a minor update. Life’s kinda not really as exciting as before like the last 2 years as compared. Lot more free time after and other then work. Rot the few weekends I had since I start working other than doing some LIFE once in awhile.

Life sucks when you know it’s counting down. Now I realise why guys treasures things when they lose it or about to lose it.

Stings a little once in awhile. Just let me think that I just wondered a bit too much with the silly shows I had been watching this few evenings. Still deciding what I should do. Although I know I wouldn’t want any help or advice but ironically, things always will be the other way round;in some way and some how.

Hope that I would still bother update this space before I enlist.





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